Human Spaceflights

International Flight No. 6

Vostok 4



Patch Vostok 4

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Launch, orbit and landing data

Launch date:  12.08.1962
Launch time:  08:02:33 UTC
Launch site:  Baikonur
Launch pad:  1
Altitude:  179.8 - 236.7 km
Inclination:  64.95°
Landing date:  15.08.1962
Landing time:  06:59:?? UTC
Landing site:  48°10'00" N, 71°53'30" E

walkout photo

Pavel Popovich

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alternative photo


No.   Surname Given names Position Flight No. Duration Orbits
1  Popovich  Pavel Romanovich  Pilot Cosmonaut 1 2d 22h 57m ??s  48 

Crew seating arrangement

1  Popovich

1st Backup Crew

No.   Surname Given names Position
1  Komarov  Vladimir Mikhailovich  Pilot Cosmonaut
Vladimir Komarov

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2nd Backup Crew

No.   Surname Given names Position
1  Volynov  Boris Valentinovich  Pilot Cosmonaut
Boris Volynov

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Launch vehicle:  Vostok (No. Ye10322)
Spacecraft:  Vostok 4 (3A 3KA No. 6)


Launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome and landing 193 km southwest of Karaganda.

This was the first time that more than one manned spacecraft were in orbit at the same time. The mission was a rendezvous flight with Vostok 3 at time. Both spacecrafts came close to 6.5 km (visibility), although the Vostok capsules had no maneuvering capability. They quickly drifted apart. Pavel Popovich had problems with his life support system, resulting in the cabin temperature dropping to 10 degrees Centigrade with 35% humidity conditions. But he still managed to conduct several experiments, and further improve the space ship systems, communications (spaceship ground control and from spaceship to spaceship), guidance and landing. His work included taking color motion pictures of the terminator between night and day and of the cabin interior.

Pavel Popovich had been briefed to tell ground control that he was 'observing thunderstorms' if he felt the motion sickness that had plagued German Titov and would have needed to return. The problem was that he actually saw real thunderstorms over the Gulf of Mexico, a fatal misunderstanding that caused him to land one day earlier than planned.

Photos / Graphics

Vostok spacecraft Vostok on the top of the rocket
Vostok spaceship Vostok
Vostok rocket Vostok reentry
Komarov in training Vostok 4 on launch pad
Popovich on launch pad Popovich during flight


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