Resident Crews of the International Space Station (ISS)

ISS: Expedition 58

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Patch ISS-58 Crew ISS-58

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Crew, launch- and landing data

No.: 1 2 3
Nation: Canada
Surname:  Kononenko  Saint-Jacques  McClain
Given names:  Oleg Dmitriyevich  David  Anne Charlotte "Annimal"
Position:  ISS-CDR  Flight Engineer  Flight Engineer
Spacecraft (Launch):  Soyuz MS-11  Soyuz MS-11  Soyuz MS-11
Launch date:  03.12.2018  03.12.2018  03.12.2018
Launchtime:  11:31:52.519 UTC  11:31:52.519 UTC  11:31:52.519 UTC
Spacecraft (Landing):  (Soyuz MS-11)  (Soyuz MS-11)  (Soyuz MS-11)
Landingdate:  (17.06.2019)  (17.06.2019)  (17.06.2019)
Landingtime:  UTC  UTC  UTC
Mission duration:


ISS Expedition 58 will conclude with docking of Soyuz MS-12 and ISS Expedition 59 will start.

unofficial Backup Crew

No.: 1 2 3
Nation: Italy
Surname:  Skvortsov  Parmitano  Morgan
Given names:  Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Jr.  Luca Salvo  Andrew Richard
Position:  ISS-CDR  Flight Engineer  Flight Engineer
Crew ISS-58 (backup)

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Expedition Report

Launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.



Last update on December 12, 2018.