We got the occasion to send a private item to the ISS. The German company Space Service International offered such service. The object only had to be small, light and non commercial.
Our first plan, to send the logo of SPACEFACTS, printed on photopaper was not accepted. It seemed to be too commercial. So we used a photo of Mr. Becker, the SPACEFACTS logo and the URL of our Website copied on one site of a post card.

On October 14, 2004, 03:06 UTC, Soyuz TMA-5 launched successful from Baikonur. On board of Soyuz TMA-5 were Commander Salizhan Sharipov, Flight Engineers Leroy Chiao and Yuri Shargin.
After two days flight Soyuz TMA-5 docked on the ISS on October 16, 2004. Sharipov and Chiao became the 10th resident crew of the ISS. Shargin returned to Earth on October 24, 00:36 UTC, together with the 9th resident crew of the ISS (Padalka and Fincke) onboard of the Soyuz TMA-4.

Salizhan Sharipov

Leroy Chiao

Yuri Shargin

During his six-month-stay onboard the ISS Flight Engineer Salizhan Sharipov stamped our postcard with the board stamp and signed it. The photo on the right side shows Sharipov during this action.

Our postcard returned together with the other stowage on April 24, 2005, 22:08 UTC onboard of the Soyuz TMA-5 capsule and landed save on target in Kazakhstan. All in all, the SPACEFACTS postcard accomplished 3032 orbits of the Earth and travelled about 121,36 million kilometers.

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