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Barry Eugene "Butch" Wilmore

 Total EVAs:  4
 Total EVA time:  25h 36m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  15.10.2014  R. Wiseman  6h 34m
They replaced a sequential shunt unit electronics box, a voltage regulator.
 2  21.02.2015  T. Virts  6h 41m
The astronauts started routing cables for the International Docking Adapter (IDA).
 3  25.02.2015  T. Virts  6h 43m
The astronauts unfurled and hooked up two more long cables and Terry Virts lubricated the grapple fixture on the end of the space station's robot arm (SSRMS).
 4  01.03.2015  T. Virts  5h 38m
They installed new antennas and cabling needed for communications between the station and commercial crew capsules bound for, or departing from, the new docking adapters.